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Changing your rabbit's food

If your rabbit has previously had unlimited access to cheap low-nutrition foods (like common pellet mixes made up of dried fruits, seeds, nuts and grains - low in fibre, and far too high in fat and sugar!), transition will be harder as they are likely to choose these over those foods which are good for them like healthy hay and quality pellets.

Converting your rabbit to the right diet more difficult if they have been accustomed to the human equivalent of 'tasty fast food' their whole life.

If your bunny may resist change at first, time and patience changing their diet will be rewarded with long-term benefits and a long, happy and healthy life!

How to transition your rabbit to a healthy and balanced diet


Young rabbits up until 6 months

Can be given an unlimited supply of Oxbow's Essentials Young Rabbit Food pellets

From six months

Treat your rabbit as an adult meaning no more than 10-15% of their total diet should be Oxbow pellets.

Adult rabbits

70-80% of fresh hay and grass

10-15% of fresh dark leafy greens, herbs and vegetables

10-15% high quality pellets

You can buy Oxbow from your local Pet Doctors clinic or online from Petpost.