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The importance of Toys

Toys are important for all dogs large and small, for mental stimulation, maintaining good dental health, bonding, and as a means of rewarding. Young dogs and especially puppies are easily entertained by toys and is a great pastime to keep them occupied if you need to sneak away to cook dinner.

Activity toys

Activity toys are designed for your dog to play with on their own, and usually don't require your interaction. They could be toys which make noises, bounce around randomly on their own, or very often they are toys which are stuff-able or that dispense treats. These are great for dogs which are left at home for long periods of time where boredom might be an issue. Giving your dog a toy with a tasty treat inside as you leave for work will also help ensure they have a positive association with being left alone.

Interactive toys

Interactive toys like a ball, Frisbee, or tug toy create a great way to bond with your dog - these games also help you learn about each other and build familiarity and trust. Interactive games like tug and fetch also provide exercise and mental stimulation, and it can be a huge amount of fun for the both of you!

Chew toys

Chew toys for dogs are like toothbrushes for humans! Having healthy teeth and gums are vital not only to keep vet bills down, but to help your dog live young to an old age. If you can teach your dog to play with chew toys, the less often you'll need to wrestle them with a toothbrush, or take them in for a dental.

It's also an instinct for dogs to chew things, so chew toys are a great way to redirect energy away from being destructive on other things they might find around the house!