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Cleaning up toilet stains

Whether you've got a toilet-training newbie, an accident-prone adult or an ageing oldie - you're going to want to know the basics of cleaning up your dog's liquid accidents.

If your dog eliminates on a hard floor - consider yourself lucky, a couple of old towels will set you right, but carpet is a different story.

If you're lucky and you find it straight away, you'll have a better chance of soaking it up. Race for an old cloth - or if you've got to dig to find one, just grab the paper towel roll. While paper towels are more expensive and less environmentally friendly, it does make it easy being able to throw them straight in the bin.

Place the towel on top of the mess and press or stand on it to absorb the pee. Rotate different areas or grab a new towel as it gets soaked and repeat until you've soaked up as much as you can from the carpet.

When you're satisfied you've got as much out as you can, find a bucket and fill it with some warm soapy water. No need to grab the stain remover at this stage - because our dogs drink only water and have a consistent plain diet their accidents tend to be more neutral and easy to remove than others might be - so soapy water is usually enough.

Blot the area with the soapy water, at this stage a paper towel is less idea as it can leave paper residue - but it's nothing that can't be vacuumed up once it dries.

The carpet will look a bit darker while it's wet, but keep blotting until you're satisfied you've removed any colour from the area.

If it's the middle of summer and you're over dealing with the mess by now, you might like to leave it to dry by itself. On the other hand if its winter or you've got guests coming around, blotting with a dry towel, using a dehumidifier or a hair dryer on a medium setting can help get it dry faster.