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Choosing the right bed

Most dogs sleep for 12 hours a day - and puppies while they are growing sleep even more - did you know this equates to more than half their life?

Spending so much time sleeping, it's easy to understand why it's so important to have the right bed for them, especially with so many different types of beds out there!

If you're buying a bed for a puppy, it's good to consider the size they will grow to. If you're wanting a bed they can use for a while, it's better to buy based on their fully grown size, rather than the size they are when you bring them home.

High-backed bed or basket

A bed with a high back will give your pooch something to snuggle up against. If your dog is sensitive to being startled or might get a fright from being approached from behind, this kind of bed is good to help make them feel safe and secure.

Cushy bed

A cushy round pillow bed is good for dogs which enjoy burrowing themselves into a pillow or cuddling up in a bean bag. These are most popular with smaller dogs but that's not to say that many of our big softies don't love them! This type of bed is usually washable in the machine too.

Raised bed

Raised beds are more popular with bigger dogs because of the benefits to their joints. Being raised off the hard floor means the weight is relieved from their joints more, and they are also raised up over draughts, keeping joints cozy and mobile in winter. They often have washable covers too.

Soft mat or sheepskin

Some dogs just like being close to the floor and don't like getting up on the sofa or on the bed, so this is a good choice for them. Sheepskins tend to stay clean because of the lanolin in the sheepskin, however they do require brushing to keep them fluffy. Most soft mats and sheepskins are also machine washable.