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Household dangers for your puppy

We know how playful puppies are and there are so many exciting things at home and in the backyard for them to discover. While they are young they are still learning what is 'theirs', what is 'yours', and what is 'off limits' so it's important to know which things could be potentially dangerous to them.

One of the first things you'll learn with a new puppy is that the saying 'silence is golden' doesn't apply. If you can't see or hear your puppy and their bed is empty, they could be up to mischief!

Puppies like to chew, especially when they are teething so anything hard and rubbery like electrical cords should be kept off limits, you may need to put furniture in-front of them or be more active with unplugging things after use.

Puppies don't know the difference between their toys and objects which 'look' like toys. Small items like pegs or buttons are especially dangerous as they are a choking hazard. Anything you don't want your puppy getting into should be put away for their safety and for your sanity!

Around the house you should also remove all medicines, pesticides or chemicals. If your puppy has access to a garage or area where rat poison may have been laid, ensure it has all been removed otherwise block off access to these areas - it's not worth it!

Remember, puppies are adventurous so just putting a remote on a coffee table doesn't mean it's out of reach! If you want your stuff and your puppy to be safe, get into the habit of securely putting things away.

Lastly - Put on your puppy eyes!

Because everything is new to a puppy - absolutely everything is interesting. While we think a toilet roll is just a toilet roll, a puppy might see a few hours of fun. Try to look around your house with your 'puppy eyes' on to see any potential 'toys' or dangers.